Traveling is the best way to broaden your horizons and build trust .Trust is essential to a marketplace that works. With secure payments, authentic verified properties travelers, and verified profiles for owners we make sure all members of our community can stay and rent with confidence.


BhaktNiwas offers a range of tools and resources that protect the privacy and safety of travelers and owners. We support owners by educating them about best practices for creating safe and private spaces for travelers, and we use technology to verify the identities of owners and travelers whenever possible. We advise our community to follow state and local laws that may apply.


Keeping your account safe and secure is a top priority. From payment protection to fraud prevention, we have tools in place to reduce risks in financial transactions and maintain trust between parties that may not know each other.


Bhakt- Traveler.

Secure Communication

Always communicate with the owner through BhaktNiwas secure, private messaging platform, which protects you from phishing and identity theft. You should never be asked to wire funds or send money directly to owners outside of BhaktNiwas booking and messaging channels.


We adhere to rigorous security and privacy standards backed by best-in-class technology that helps prevent fraud and harassment. Owners and travelers transact securely in the BhaktNiwas marketplace, Disclosure of any monitoring devices at a home is required, and invasion of privacy is not tolerated.


BhaktNiwas is an inclusive marketplace committed to accessibility, tolerance and respect, ensuring that everyone has equal protections and equal opportunities. We believe that every member of our community should feel welcome and respected, no matter their background.


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